Bringing Scottish Country Dance
to Peterborough for over 60 years!

Welcome to the Peterborough Scottish Country Dance Society

We love Scottish country dancing, and we want as many people as possible in this area to experience it!

We run weekly dance classes for anyone interested in learning more about Scottish country dancing. Our dance classes are run by an experienced, qualified teacher.   We also host monthly social dances. We enjoy the highly social side of Scottish country dancing and put into practice what we have learned. These dances feature live music and, at intermission, refreshments supplied by our members.   Once per year we run a weekend long workshop with dances on Friday evening, Saturday afternoon and evening, and Sunday morning. The workshop also features internationally recognized teachers of Scottish country dancing.   During the summer months we run outdoor dances on Tuesday evenings on the deck behind the Silver Bean Cafe, on Water Street in Peterborough. These are an ideal way to experience Scottish country dancing in a fun, casual environment.   From time to time we put on demonstrations of Scottish country dancing.