Below are list of resources for Scottish Country Dancing including links to other websites and videos of dances.  PSCDS members have chosen the dances below as our core dances. Core dances are ones which all members are encouraged to learn sufficiently well that they can be danced with limited briefing or instruction whenever they may appear as part of a social dance programme.

Deil Amang the Tailors

Flowers of Edinburgh

J. B. Milne

Irish Rover

Jessie’s Hornpipe

Maxwell’s Rant

Mairi’s Wedding

Reel of the Royal Scots

Round Reel of Eight

The Duke of Atholl’s Reel

Pelorus Jack

Miss Gibson’s Strathspey

Saint John River

Silver Tassie

Seann Truibhas Willichan

The Dream Catcher

Coming Soon!

Sept 25th, 2018

  • The Flying Scotsman  8x32J  LAD
  • Black Donald  32R  Lflt
  • Back to the Fireside  32R  Bk 38
  • Miss Milligan's Strathspey  32S  SCD LFTS '87
  • Uncle Bill's Jig  32J  Goldring

Oct 2nd, 2018

  • The Atholl Reel  32R  LAD
  • The Turkey Trot  32J  LAD
  • Autumn Leaves  32J  Lataille
  • Sands of Morar  32S  Bk 45
  • The Kissing Bridge  32R  Bk 47
  • Alex Jappy's Pleasure  32S  Eder Martello
  • Emily's Jig  32J  Turner

Oct. 9, 2018

  • Great Expectations   32J  LAD
  • The Ruby Rant  32R   Book 47
  • Allan J. Smith  32J   Book 45
  • Indian River Strathspey  32S   Senyk
  • A Trip to Bavaria  32R  Brown